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Shasta Vertux Gaming Headset | Noise Isolation

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  • * Driver unit diameter: Ф40 mm
  • * Sensitivity: 105dB ± 3%
  • * Frequency: 20-20k Hz
  • * Impedance: 32 Ω ± 15 %
  • * MIC Sensitivity: -38±3dB
  • * Input Jack: 3.5mm
  • * Cable length: 2.1m ± 0.15m
  • * Maximum Power Input: 40mW


Introducing the Shasta Vertux Gaming Headset – your ultimate companion for immersive gaming experiences like never before. Engineered to elevate your gameplay, this cutting-edge headset is designed with precision and expertise to deliver unparalleled sound quality, exceptional comfort, and seamless communication.


With its advanced Noise Isolation technology, the Shasta Vertux Gaming Headset ensures that you’re completely engrossed in your virtual world, free from distractions. The meticulously crafted driver units, boasting a diameter of Ф40 mm, guarantee an audio output that’s nothing short of exceptional. From the faintest whispers to thunderous explosions, every sound comes to life with stunning clarity across the entire frequency spectrum, spanning 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Designed with both professional gamers and casual enthusiasts in mind, the headset’s impressive sensitivity of 105dB ± 3% guarantees that you catch every sonic detail, giving you the edge you need on the battlefield. The impedance of 32 Ω ± 15% ensures optimal compatibility with a wide range of devices, enabling you to plunge into your gaming universe effortlessly.

Communication is key in the gaming realm, and the Shasta Vertux headset excels in this aspect. The built-in microphone, with a sensitivity of -38±3dB, ensures your voice is transmitted with crystal clarity to your teammates and rivals alike. Collaborate seamlessly, strategize effectively, and engage in banter effortlessly, all powered by the headset’s superior mic technology.

Equipped with a 3.5mm input jack, the Shasta Vertux Gaming Headset offers versatile connectivity, making it compatible with various gaming consoles, PCs, laptops, and even mobile devices. The 2.1m ± 0.15m cable length ensures freedom of movement while you’re deeply engrossed in your gaming sessions, without worrying about tangling wires.

Powering your gaming prowess is the headset’s capability to handle a maximum power input of 40mW. Whether you’re indulging in marathon gaming sessions or intense competitive battles, the Shasta Vertux Gaming Headset keeps up with your demands and delivers consistently exceptional audio performance.

Incorporating style with functionality, this headset features a sleek design that’s as comfortable as it is striking. The adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups guarantee a snug fit, allowing you to immerse yourself in gaming for extended periods without discomfort.

Elevate your gaming escapades with the Shasta Vertux Gaming Headset. Unleash the power of precision audio, unmatched comfort, and seamless communication as you venture into the world of gaming like never before.


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