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Army-95 Mobile Gaming Headset

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  • Speaker Size – 40mm
  • Frequency Range – 15Hz-20KHz
  • Directionality – omni-directional
  • Cable Length – 1.5 M
  • Headset Jack – 3.5 MM
  • 90° Adjustable Microphone
  • Soft Leather Earpads
  • Easy Volume Adjustment
  • Deep Bass


Introducing the ultimate gaming companion – the Call of Duty Gaming Headset. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled sound quality and unparalleled comfort as you embark on your gaming adventures. Designed to elevate your gaming experience to new heights, this headset boasts a range of features that will make every moment feel more intense, more immersive, and more captivating.



Equipped with 40mm speakers, the Call of Duty Gaming Headset delivers an audio experience that is second to none. From the subtlest of whispers to the most thunderous explosions, every sound comes through with crystal-clear precision. With a frequency range spanning from 15Hz to 20KHz, you won’t miss a beat, ensuring that you’re fully in tune with the game’s audio landscape.

Thanks to its omni-directional directionality, you’ll be able to pinpoint the source of every sound, giving you a competitive edge in multiplayer games. Communicate seamlessly with your teammates using the 90° adjustable microphone, which captures your voice with remarkable clarity. This ensures that your strategies are conveyed crisply and without interference, allowing you to collaborate effectively with your squad.

The headset’s soft leather earpads provide hours of comfort, allowing you to game for extended periods without discomfort. Feel the deep bass resonate through your bones as you’re fully immersed in the game’s atmosphere. And when you need to make quick adjustments, the easy volume adjustment ensures that you stay in control without interrupting your gameplay.

With a cable length of 1.5 meters and a 3.5mm headset jack, you’ll have the flexibility to position yourself exactly where you need to be. The Call of Duty Gaming Headset is not just a peripheral, but an extension of your gaming prowess.

Step into a new dimension of gaming with the Call of Duty Gaming Headset. With its precision audio, comfortable design, and innovative features, you’ll be better equipped than ever to dominate the virtual battlefield. Experience the action like never before – hear every footstep, feel every explosion, and communicate with unparalleled clarity. Elevate your gaming sessions with deep bass and unrivaled audio fidelity. The Call of Duty Gaming Headset: Where sound meets victory.


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